BOGO for Summee camp limited time simply put BOGO in comments box New School Holiday Camp Prices....... .1/2 day camp January 19 only $29.......Winter KK classes start this weekend Jan 13/14.......Saturday /Sunday classes at 9/10/1.......Jan 26 th full day now only $49 camp only day camp includes indoor soccer, Redzone, Skyzone and lunch and snacks and drinks best day ever.......


January 17
SNOW Camp!
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January 19
1/2 Day Soccer Camp - $29
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Friday Goalie and Skills Clinic 545-715pm
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January 20
Saturday Goalie and Skills Clinic 6-8pm
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Saturday Kinderkicks
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Saturday Leagues
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January 21
Sunday Goalie and Skills Clinic 3-5pm
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Sunday Kinderkicks
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Sunday Leagues
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January 26
Soccer Camp
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Every young person who comes to my camp is very special to me. My number one goal is for each camper to have fun playing soccer and to feel good about themselves. If I can make the sport fun than the necessary work to become good will take care of itself. Even when I played professionally the sport, practice, the competitions were always fun. As a result I spent many hours on perfecting my skills. ... I like to think we teach more than soccer skills. I think one's attitude on the field is directly correlated to one's attitude in life. I want young people to never ever give up!!

- Keith Van Eron

New Futsal Leagues Start January 6/7 at St Paul's School

Separate Saturday and Sunday Leagues for 2000 - 2010 boys and girls

All teams get 8 games at St Paul's School for $595 per team total (includes ref fees)

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Latest News

Openings in club team Please call keith 443-799-8949 for more details

2018 SUMMER camps are all open for registration Full day (9-5) Half day (9-12) Afternoon camp (12-5) Kk camps (9-10,9-11) Goalie camps 530 -730 pm

All summer camps and school year camps include early drop iff( 730 am) free of charge And late pick (6pn) Also FREE Beat camps ever

Winter kk classes start January 13/14 Ages 3-5 at 9 am Ages 4-8 at 10 am Ages 3-5 at 11 am Born Saturday and Sunday classes Openings in each class

Camp is Monday January 15 MLK day Includes indoor soccer trips to Skyzone and Redzone and lunch and snacks and drinks Best day ever

Winter co Ed leagues Ages 5-7 Ages 8-11 Ages 12-16 Both Saturday and Sunday leagues Located at the awesome St. Paul school for boys

If Kinderkick classes, soccer league games, or clinics are cancelled it will be posted on the website in the morning. Please check the banner which runs across the top of the home page. In addition you can check the voicemail at 410-825-4625 or 443-799-8949.

All sales are final and there will be no refunds. If a cancellation is received before the start of a camp, clinic, or session, the amount paid toward that registration may be applied to any other KVE program in the form of a credit. This credit must be used within one year of the original purchase date. No refunds/credits are available for Birthday parties. KVE Before/After care families must give 30 days notice of cancellation, otherwise they forfeit one month's fee.

In order for all campers to have a great camp experience, appropriate behavior is expected. In rare instances continued behavioral issues can be a reason for dismissal. If this happens, there will be no refunds or camp credit.